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About Company


The history of the company dates back to 1971. Historia firmy Elektro-Lift Rzeszów świadczącej usługi z zakresu obsługi windy Electro -Lift Rzeszow providing services in the field of service lift when it was registered under the name " Department of electromechanical repair of lifts Józef Ryciuk" . For over 40 years the company specializes in UTB ( Equipment Transport Middle ) . Since our inception , we provide comprehensive services in handling elevators , freight elevators , lifts, hospital , panoramic , and platforms for the disabled. Since 1984, the company operates under the name " Elekto -Lift Rzeszow ." The company has a highly qualified staff who have years of experience supported by the necessary permissions and certificates.

Scope of activities

Company provides installation services , maintenance of lifts shaft , vertical , escalators , platforms for the disabled. We assist in the purchase of various cranes and spare parts. We authorizations and powers of the Office of Technical Inspection. We have authorized a number of major companies on the Polish market lifts. We guarantee matters under the authority of the producers on the newly mounted cranes.

 The geographical scope 
Zakres działalności firmy Elektro-Lift Rzeszów zajmującej się windami towarowymi i osobowymi. Teren głównego działania  firmy.

 The scope of the company Elektro -Lift Rzeszow dealing with goods or passenger elevators . The area of the main activities of the company.  The premises is located in Rzeszow , and the area of activity covers the south - eastern part of the Polish ..

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