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Panoramic lift in offer of Elektro-Lift company


It will be an honor for us to advise and provide you with possible options with the selection of a particular technical solution for the transport of people and goods.   Specialized staff have years of experience, what is the guarantee proper execution of the work for our clients.   According to your wishes we choose the standard and additional equipment. All proposed and serviced deviceshave valid certificates of UDT (Office of Technical Inspection).

Large group of existing and regular customers confirm the professionalism of the services that our company provided.


Lifts knows as elevators are the most popular devices used in companies, residential buildings, public utilities.   Complementing this kind of lifts are elevators goods-passenger lifts and goods lifts used to carry loads of different weights, for the last one a mobile car carriers are included. A special type of lifts are panoramic elevators. Cab and lift shaft are constructed of glass elements. Particularly favourably is to make all four walls of the shaft and cabin of glass. This increases the attractiveness and add aesthetic aspects. Panoramic lifts are mostly used in elegant hotels, restaurants and offices.



Goods lifts are characterized by a amount of capacity which they can transport, there are:


  • Goods small lifts with a capacity: 20-300 kg. They are mainly used in restaurants, bars for transport of food or other small loads. Popularly known as cooking lifts.
  • Goods-passenger lifts with capacity above 300kg. They are used primarily to carry goods from the storehouses with staff member.
  • Large goods lifts with a lifting capacity of over 300kg for the transport of oversize goods. They are used in storehouses.




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